Tour Guides

Our team of guides and tour leaders are highly trained dedicated professionals equipped with years of experience and passionate about their vocations. They are well-versed in the smooth and efficient operation of trips and, in addition, are appreciative of the magnificence of the Himalayan country. The Company also employs multi-lingual guides who can communicate fluently and effectively with its large network of clients and agents. Safety and professional and efficient service are the cornerstone of our unforgettable treks, tours and adventures.


  • Mr. Yam Narayan Newar
  • Mr. Raja Gautam
  • Mr. Manoj Gautam
  • Mr. Raju Shakya
  • Mr. Guna Raj Bhatta
  • Mr. Sudarshan Thapa
  • Mr. Anil Acharya
  • Mr. Dipesh Chapagain


  • Mr. Riddip Shrestha
  • Mr. Shiva Ram Lamsal
  • Mr. Vaskar Shrestha
  • Mr. Binod Shrestha
  • Mr. Bramhadev Shakya
  • Mr. Shiva Krishna Yakami
  • Mr. Tej Shrestha
  • Mr. Suresh Lakhey
  • Mr. Narayan Huanjou
  • Mr. Majin Shakya


  • Mr. Uttam Dhakal
  • Mr. Prakash Rijal
  • Mr. Kamal Dhungana
  • Mr. Sun Maya Shrestha


  • Mr. Sambhu Panta
  • Mr. Anuj Dhakal
  • Mr. Harka Tamang
  • Mr. Mukunda Panta

Trekking Guide

  • Mr. Temba Sherpa
  • Mr. Bikash Maharjan
  • Mr. Maila Tamang
  • Mr. Suraj Shahi
  • Mr. Ram Kumar Magar


Our itineraries are, in fact, an approximate indication of the schedule, scope of activities, and trip routing, rather than an inflexible schedule of events. Typically there are changes to the daily itinerary depending on local conditions and/or upon request of our quests (provided there is no financial consequence).