Trekking in Nepal

  • Everest Base Camp Trek

    Duration: 14 days 13 nights

    This route takes a longer approach to Mt Everest, following the footsteps of the early expeditions, but with a slight variation.

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  • Annapurna Sanctury Trek

    Duration: 13 Nights 14 Days

    The Annapurna Sanctuary Trek is a true classic set amidst some of the highest and most spectacular mountains in the world.

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  • Annapurna Base Camp

    Duration: 13 Nights 14 Days

    The route of this spectacular short trek is through the Annapurna Sanctuary to the site of the Annapurna south face Base Camp.

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The geography of Nepal has endowed the country with three distinct topographical regions: the high Himalayas, the wooded hills and the Terai plains. These areas have, in turn, given birth to a large diversity in natural beauty, an amazing variety of exotic wildlife and a wealth of culture, all of which make adventure activities in the country extremely exciting and rewarding. Among these, trekking is by far the most popular.

Treks range from rigorous high altitude routes to pleasant jaunts in and around the Kathmandu Valley. These excursions give foreign visitors a chance to mingle with the local people and get a first hand glance at their living styles and culture.

A trekking trip can be of any length depending on the individual’s (or group’s) choosing. Popular short treks are available around the Kathmandu and Pokhara valleys, which only take one, two or three days to complete, while longer outings lasting from a week to a month can be arranged as well. It is even possible to combine a series of popular treks and walk for months on end.

Throughout the country the scenery is breathtakingly beautiful with pretty villages, attractive traditional houses, fascinating temples, vast meadows, forests, fast flowing rivers, deep canyons and the cold, barren regions at the feet of the great mountain peaks. There are also sub-tropical lowlands, dark, mysterious jungles teeming with exotic flora and fauna, and squadrons of migratory and resident birds. The views also change with the seasons, thus providing the visitor with a kaliedoscope of brilliant riots of colour such as those of the different stages of the life cycle of the rice crop, or the vivid displays of wild flowers in spring and autumn.